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League Rules


seriously though this fine game is quite simple really,
but rules are made to help us all enjoy it even more

"players don't knowingly cheat - they just don't know the rules"

Croston & District Boules League - League Rules

  1. The game is played by two teams of one, two or three players. In a team of two players each member uses three boules, in a team of three players each member uses two boules. In the singles game each player uses three boules. There must not be more than 12 boules on the ground.

  2. Players use metal boules of diameter between 2 3/4 ins (70 mm) and 3 1/8 ins (80 mm). The weight must not exceed 1 lb 12 oz (800 gr). The "jack" or "cochonet" is wooden and must be between 25 mm and 30 mm in diameter.

  3. Hoops are provided to ensure that a standard throwing cicrcle is used. The hoops must be used at all times. Any hoop lost, damaged or vandalised will be the responsibility of the teams to replace.
  4. Players of both teams should, whenever possible, arrive at appropriate venues by 7pm in order to commence the match by 7pm, either by playing a singles OR doubles game at the start of the match.

  5. Each match will comprise four singles, three doubles games, and one triples game. The singles usually being played first and the triples last but this can be changed by the home team captain in the event of circumstances that deem it to be necessary.

  6. Each doubles team must have at least one player who has not played singles.

  7. No player is allowed to play three games in one match

  8. No player is allowed to play in three formats in a match

  9. A minimum of 7 players must be used in a match

  10. The triples must not have two players who have played doubles as a pair

  11. The Home Team Capatin selects the player(s) first for each game and the Away Team Captain then chooses his players

  12. A referee from the home team should be appointed to referee each game and the referee's decision shall be final. An away team member can referee if no home team member is available.

  13. The first team to throw is decided by a single throw at the jack, usually placed by the referee. The player nearest to the jack goes first. Any player in this team chooses a starting place, and draws a circle on the ground in which to stand. This should be between 1 ft 2 ins (36 cm) and 1 ft 8 ins (50 cm).

  14. The player throws the "cochonnet" between 6 meters and 10 meters away. It must not be nearer than 1 meter from any obstacle (wall, tree, etc) at the rear. Due to narrowness of our pitches, it must not be any nearer than 0.5 metres from any obstacle at either side. If the cochonnet lands outside these parameters it is deemed "dead". The cochonnet is then passed to the opposing team to place within the parameters on the piste. The original player will now continue.

  15. The first player then throws his first boule, trying to get it as close as possible to the jack, PLEASE NOTE - players MUST throw/release all boules with the back of the hand uppermost and both feet must remain on the ground together within the circle until his boule has landed.

  16. A player from the opposing team steps into the circle and tries to place his boule closer to the jack than his opponent, or by knocking his opponents boule away. The boule nearest to the jack leads.
    note a) When two boules are an equal distance from the jack, the first boule is judged as being nearest because the second boule has not beaten it.
    note b) Any boules hitting the sides or rear of the pitch are considered "dead" and must be removed immediately before the next boule is played.

  17. It is then up to the players in the team who is not leading to continue until they achieve a leading boule, and so on.

  18. When a team has no more boules the players of the other team throw theirs and try to place them as close as possible to the jack.

  19. If a Boule is obstructed from hitting the End Side or Middle (Rope) by a weed or object that is not an integral part of the Piste it shall be deemed as as dead and taken out of Play.

  20. When the two teams have no more boules, the points are counted. The winning team scores one point for each boule nearer to the jack than any of their opponents.

  21. Players are allowed to use their own measures to determine the winning boule(s). In the case of a dispue then the string measure provided by the League must be used. When measuring the front of the cochonnet must be used and not the centre.

  22. After each player has played their last Boule a Dead End shall be declared if there is a tie for the nearest Boule to the Cochennet. No point to be awarded regardless of the order in which the Boules were thrown.

  23. A player from the team who has won the previous end throws the jack, usually from the place where it was at the conclusion of the last end but again, due to restrictions of our pitches, the jack need not necessarily be thrown from that position and is usually thrown from any position that allows him to comply with rule 7 (above).

  24. The winners are the first person or team to reach 13 points.

  25. In singles the winner (team) is awarded "one match point" and in both doubles and triples "two match points". A record is also kept of the points scored by each team during each game. These are called "game points". The team which scores the most game points in the match are awarded an extra point. If the games points are equal then 1/2 point awarded to both team. The game points are also used to calculate the league positions where two teams have the same number of match points. The maximum match points is 13.
    Important 2020 AGM amendment - The triples will now only score 2 game points
    Important 2012 AGM amendment - 3 game points will be deducted each week for teams not paying league fees by 15th May.

  26. In the event of a draw, 1 extra point would be awarded to the team with the highest number of match points. If the match points were tied it would be 1/2 point for each team.

  27. Results should be recorded and preferably texted by the Home team Captain to Mike Greenhalgh on 077181 160880
    Results should be sent in by noon on the Wednesday following the match, otherwise a penalty of two match points will be deducted from the Home team total.
    An acknowledgement that results have been received will be sent back to the Home team captains. There is nothing to stop away team captains also sending in results which in many instances may help to verify/clarify results.
    PLEASE NOTE - It is wise for both team captains to keep a copy of match results just in case the home team captain loses, or is unable to send results. In this case, the home team must abide by the results sent in by the away team. If no results are available no points will be awarded to either team.

Results, and current league positions will be posted on this website when all results are in.

The main purpose of the league is that all players have a fun evening and enjoy the game.